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Property Development &
Construction Consulting

Experience the future of Property Construction & Development with effective, trustworthy and organized assistance from Green Arbor Innovations.

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About Green Arbor

With over 10 years of combined experience in construction management and property development, Green Arbor Innovations is dedicated to helping you achieve your project objectives efficiently and affordably. We offer a comprehensive suite of services tailored to meet your unique building needs. Whether you're project is large or small, we're here to assist and guide you every step of the way.

Green Arbor Innovations aims to offer affordable assistance that is highly customizable. From full service project coordination to a la carte administration support, we're here to help expedite what you need most. Our suite of services cover a wide variety of property development needs, whether you're a contractor, architect, engineer or property owner. Lean on our experience to assist and coordinate the busy work, so you can focus on the exciting aspects and fun details of your project. 


What our clients are saying

Adam & Dane have been an amazing resource for our business. Professional, versatile, reliable and efficient. We have been working with Green Arbor for years. Highly recommend!

David Hrivnak

Green Arbor consulted for us on a large development in Ann Arbor. They helped us adhere to our site compliance plan requirements and assisted in coordinating with city staff when the time came to review our site compliance plan and get our certificate of occupancy. We couldn't have done it without them.

Scott Klaassen

Green Arbor Innovations has been a tremendous help in not only helping our company grow, but keeping us moving in the right direction! Adam and Dane will no doubt be an asset for any company needing an extra boost. Highly recommended.

Dan Snyder


Let us keep you organized so you can focus on quality & accelerate completion


A la carte pricing based on the scale of your project. Fixed or reoccurring options available


Accelerate project timelines, allowing you to focus on expanding your portfolio of work


 Expertise coordination with 10+ years navigating municipalities & building departments


Expert support for any project size or timeline

Project Concept &

  • Assistance conceptualizing projects

  • Review zoning, understand what's possible

  • Collaboration with key project stakeholders

    • Architects / Engineers

    • Contractors

Submission & Approval

  • Submit complete permit packages

  • Guide review process with local building department 

  • Assist in any necessary requested revisions 

  • Coordinate construction approval dates 

  • Specialize in Ann Arbor STREAM 

Certificate of Occupancy & Site Compliance

  • Full Certificate of Occupancy submission 

  • Complete Site Compliance Plan administration 

  • Coordination assistance with City Staff on project milestones

  • Document & certificate data base creation

  • Temporary Certificate of Occupancy planning & coordination

& Permits

  • Full Grading Plan coordinated & submission

    • Land Survey​

    • Soil Sampling

    • Impervious Area worksheet calculation

    • Conduct all necessary inspections

& Waiver Tracking​

  • Construction loan finance administration

  • Full service Sworn Statement services

  • Draw request data base creation

  • Wavier tracking & change order coordination

  • Financial loan calculations

Project Stakeholder 

  • Communicate project milestones with all project stakeholders

  • Help create project timelines and publish deliverables

  • Project database creation

  • Full project permit monitoring services 

  • Inspection coordination


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We tailor our solutions to meet you at your current business stage, offering flexible options that fit within your budget.

As a business owner, saving cash is important and we get that! At GAI, we pride ourselves on delivering unparalleled affordability and flexibility to meet our clients' diverse needs. With customizable solutions and budget-friendly options, we ensure that businesses of all sizes can access the resources they need to thrive.

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